Daughters in unexpected places

Who knew! (I didn’t!) Apparently there were enough people in Carleton Place who subscribed to (or otherwise read) the Toronto Globe (not yet the Globe and Mail, just the Globe) way back in 1858!

I say this because I just found (in the 11 October 1858 edition of the Toronto Globe) a birth announcement informing the world that (“my”) Mrs William Neelin of Carleton Place had given birth to a daughter.

The thrill is double for me: 1) finding such a notice in a very unexpected source/location, and 2) finding a child I did not know existed (in an already large family).

I did have a note in my chart flagging a 4-year gap at one point, between two siblings. I thought it was possible there might have been a miscarriage, stillbirth, or else an infant who died young, in that time frame. (This child does not appear on the 1861 census or anywhere else that I have seen… so far!)

This is a good lesson in never ruling out “possibilities”, even the (seemingly) most far-fetched! (Thanks dad! You rock!)

~ We don’t know what we don’t know
until we find out
what we didn’t know! ~

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Life – Death

Regardless of a person’s spiritual beliefs or absence thereof, this time of year has since the dawn of times been recognized as a transition point between life and death, and observed as a coming together of the living and the dead. Harvests have been brought in and winter is about to set in. The moose is dead but will sustain us through the months ahead. Vegetables lie dormant in the cold cellar, also to sustain us until fresh sprouts spring forth, in the spring. For now, in the fall, leaves fall. (What aptly named seasons!)

Today, on the cusp between life and death, I want to acknowledge and salute my departed kin and friends. They are at once ‘gone’ and ‘still here’. I smile and embrace them each in turn… my little brother B, died a mere child… my four grandparents, died having lived a full life… uncles and aunts… cousins… friends, foremost, our beloved Rosemary… and last, as we ushered in this new year, my gentle-soul brother-in-love Mike, suddenly.

You have all visited me recently, and for your loving and comforting presence I thank thee.

R.I.P. — Rest in Peace or Party, as you individually prefer! 🙂

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Column written by Lise Heroux for the Carleton Place and Beckwith Historical Society newsletter (June 2013)

History and geography go hand in hand, and maps stand at the intersection of the two.

Events happen in a location, and locations change names and boundaries over time, and may even ‘fall off the map’ altogether! Streets that once existed disappear. Islands that never existed are created by man to serve industry. A service station goes out of business because a new bypass reroutes the once prolific traffic. These changes are continuous and incessant. To understand the unfolding of history, it is necessary to consult as many maps as possible and to reconcile the secrets they reveal. Carleton Place and Beckwith Township are replete with mysteries revealed to those with a sharp eye and the right maps!

If you have ‘old’ maps of the town, local townships and counties, or even Eastern Ontario, the museum would be happy to make them available to local researchers. Even maps from the last few decades would be useful, be they road maps or topographical maps. If you no longer have use for it, we do!

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Ukraine to Canada ancestors?

Have a look here.



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Endangered species

When’s the last time you held one of THESE in your hand? I had forgotten how HEAVY they are!


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Ten years of fairness

Canada marks decade of equal marriage

“On June 10th, 2003, as a result of intense lobbying by Egale and the public, Ontario became the first North American jurisdiction to recognize same sex marriage, with B.C. following suit a month later. By the time the Civil Marriage Act was put in place in 2005, eight out of the ten provinces and one of the three territories had already legalized gay marriage. Happy anniversary, Canada!”

Source: Egale Canada


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To blue or not to blue

The definition makes the word…


Pick your own definition at http://news.yahoo.com/tuesdays-blue-moon-many-names-195741735.html


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